Introducing SMART Banana Nut

March 8, 2018 Blog, Detour SMART¬ģ Detour SMART Banana Nut bar with pecans and banana slices

The all day protein bar, we created SMART bars to help you power through those long days when you need a healthy snack to keep you going. Our newest flavor, Banana Nut features real banana pieces and tasty pecans chunks, just like your favorite banana nut muffin, but with all the benefits of a SMART bar.


Detour SMART Banana Nut bar


SMART bars start with organic whole oats which are certified gluten free with a boost of wholesome whey, the right protein to replenish your body. They are sweetened naturally, and act as good source of fiber.


Detour SMART Banana Nut nutrition facts


Like every SMART bar, Banana Nut delivers where it matters most, nutrition.  With more protein, less sugar, SMART bars are the ultimate all day protein bar.  Banana Nut is loaded with:

How does this compare to the average nutrition bar, you might be wondering?


Curious about what other flavors SMART is available in? We’ve got you covered from decadent flavors (Cookie Dough) to fruit inspired favorites (Apple Cinnamon).

SMART bars are available on our website and a collection of other retailers including

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