Men’s Health Rates Detour Simple the Best Protein Bar of 2017

January 10, 2017 Blog Men's Health Magazine. Our team blind-tasted dozens of bars and declared this savory-sweet treat the champ.

Men’s Health recently set out to find the best protein bar. They started by consulting nutrition advisor Alan Aragon, M.S. to identify what makes a protein bar great for your body. His advice, was to look for bars that contain:

  • 20g+ of protein
  • 300 calories or less
  • 15g of fat or less
  • 5g of fiber or more.

The Men‚Äôs Health team then tested dozens of brands. Of all the bars tested, Men’s Health ranked Detour Simple #1, saying that ‚Äúthis one takes it to the next level.”


Not only did Detour Simple pass the taste, texture, and nutrition test, but they are clean, completely free of artificial ingredients. They also come in two different sizes depending on your needs! The full size bar is great as a meal replacement or to support you active healthy lifestyle. The snack size version is great on-the-go treat, to keep you going between meals. The full size bar has 20g of protein with 230 calories, and the snack size version has 10g of protein and 110 calories.

Here are how the two sizes stack up:


Detour Simple Flavors and Sizes