Introducing Lean Muscle Cookies n’ Cream Crunch

October 30, 2017 Blog, Lean Muscle lean muscle cookies n cream crunch protein bar

With our Lean Muscle line, we set out to build the ultimate protein bar for athletes, bodybuilders, and for those who always seem to find themselves active outdoors. Our newest flavor in the Lean Muscle family is Cookies n’ Cream Crunch.  Loaded with the largest cookie pieces ever put into a protein bar and covered in a silky white chocolate flavored coating, Detour Lean Muscle Cookies n’ Cream Crunch is putting a nutritious crunch into cookies n’ cream.   

This new flavor looks almost as good as it tastes, and it delivers where it matters most, nutrition. With more protein, less sugar, and all the bells and whistles that you need to sustain and replenish your body, Detour Lean Muscle is the ultimate high-performance whey protein bar. They’re great for a post-workout snack or meal replacement. It provides your body with a complete protein source and all of the essential amino acids that it needs to support peak performance and maximize muscle recovery. Each bar is filled with:

Does something look different? In addition to the launch of the ‘Vanilla Dream’ (our nickname for the Cookies n’ Cream Crunch bar), we updated our packaging across the entire line. Check out the new squad:

Lean Muscle bars are available on our website and a collection of other retailers including and


Get Lean with Cookies n’ Cream!


A little bit more about Lean Muscle bars:

Lean Muscle Bars take all we have learned about making award winning (Men’s Health Protein Bar of the Year!), great tasting protein bars and combines it with the latest research findings on how high-quality protein, low sugar levels, and essential fats work together to support muscle development and recovery to promote a lean body.

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